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Effortlessly Good.

Perfect for those merchants kickstarting their business, Spark spans the gap between your vision and the marketplace. We’ve designed a theme that aligns beauty with necessity so you can put things in motion with a minimal touch.

Background image: Image from the collection of St. Agni. Used prominently in Spark demonstrations.

We designed Spark for those up-and-coming merchants entering the realm of e-commerce, ready to put their ideas into motion without much hassle. After years of working with aspiring store owners who pour their hearts into what they do, we know how daunting it can be when starting out. With a minimal amount of setup, we designed a theme to help you open up shop swiftly and effortlessly, while still making a fully expressive site with stunning style. We made Spark to be a fusion of basics and beauty in order to free your time and energy to focus on what matters to you. Spark also offers a high-performance base theme for anyone who wants to work with a developer to realize their own custom site with ease.

    ReleasedMay 2021
    Current Versionv2.2.2 (view changelog)
    Ideal Catalog-SizeSmall - Medium
    Ideal MerchantNew Merchants


An assortment of demonstrations of the theme in use.


This list is non-exhaustive. We’re better at building features than we are at marketing them. If something isn’t on this list, but you need it to make a decision on whether the theme is right for you, send us a message.

Watch a quick video walkthrough

Watch a quick video walkthrough

We’ll walk you through the theme’s key features and how to get the most out of your theme.

Fully Responsive
Spark has been designed to look great on tablet, mobile and desktop devices, adapting to your customer's point of view.
Search Engine Optimized
Ready to finally start ranking in search results? Spark is fully Search Engine Optimized ("SEO") so customers can find and be guided to your store.
Eye-catching Features
Add and rearrange dynamic sections on your homepage that push your products front and centre, letting customers get a detailed and intimate look before they buy them.
Custom Style
Change all of your store’s typography with over two hundred supported fonts through Shopify's font library, fine-tune the colours to best suit your brand, and control the whole presentation of your store with Spark's layout options, including three presets as seen on our demos.
Conversion Ready
Create clear pathways for customers to get to know your store and guide them to the checkout with features like grouped collection sorting, quick shop buttons to add products directly to the cart, and integrated product reviews to grow confidence.
Collection Filters
Let ustomers easily discover your products with filters for product availability, price, product type, vendor, and your product options.
Go Global
Meet your customers halfway, no matter where they live, by adding multiple currencies and languages to your store.
Build Trust
Tell your story through blog posts and pages, broaden your presence with social media icons and a Social proof section, and use Shopify's customer accounts and dynamic checkout buttons for returning customers.
Free Support
Your theme purchase comes with free support to answer your questions and fix any theme issues along the way. Occasionally, we update our themes with improvements and features — that's free, too. We're here five days a week, 10am to 6pm PST.
Revolving Announcement Bar
Highlight promotions and need-to-know updates about your store at the top of the page.
Newsletter Popup
Keep customers in the loop and capture potential leads with a customizable popup using "exit intent" technology.
Sticky Header
Customers can navigate your store no matter where they are with a minimal sticky header that stays on the top of the page.
Drawer Menu
Change your menu to a compact slide-out drawer that includes search and easy access to multiple currencies, languages, and customer accounts.
Predictive Search
Anticipate your customer's searches with automatic suggestions and links.
Multiple Header Layouts
Center or left-align your logo and navigation, and choose between inline links or a minimal navigation icon.
Display hi-res images with adjustable height and custom time between slides. Add a mobile-only image to ensure the best experience across devices.
Transparent Header
Let your big and bright photography or full-width videos come first.
Video Hero
Showcase videos on the homepage in the Video and Video Hero sections. With Video Hero, you can display stunning full-width autoplay videos.
Featured Product
Display a product page in a single section so customers can quickly add products to their cart and you can elevate that conversion rate.
Featured Collection
Showcase a special collection or bestselling products in a adjustable grid.
Featured Collection Row
Showcase a single-row carousel of a special collection or bestselling products.
Collection List
Give your customers a high-level view of all your collections in an adjustable row so they can discover all your products.
Logo List
Display a row or grid of logos of your partners or vendors, giving your customers an at-a-glance overview.
Social Proof
Feature your favourite images from your social media and link them to your pages to bring your customers into the fold.
Questions & Answers
Add a dynamic list of questions with dropdown answers in a full-width accordion. It's a great way to anticipate your customers needs and make them feel informed.
Image with Features
Highlight up to six key features of your product with a full-height image and promotional text.
Inline Features
Highlight your core values, your process, or other aspects of your products with a row of short text blocks each with their own custom square or round image.
Share a rotating slideshow of quotations about your store or what inspires you.
Showcase glowing reviews and testimonials from happy customers to generate trust and enthusiasm around your store.
Mosaic grid
Mix and match feature images and autoplay videos to create a dynamic collage for a promotional feature or lookbook layout.
Image with Text
With a feature image or video, customize the text section to make this section suit your needs.
Text Columns with Images
Add images or icons with succinct descriptions to tell a story, capture what you do and how, or express what you stand for within a single glance.
Blog Posts
Feature your top blog posts for customers to peruse. Blogs are an excellent way to add a vital and personal touch to your store and keep customers coming back.
Display your physical location with your hours and address.
Provide a frontpage sign-up form for your newsletter to keep up engagement with your customers down the road.
Lightbox Image Viewer
Show off product images using a full-screen "Lightbox" viewer.
Color Swatches
Display your product variants as a sleek row of clickable circular swatches.
Product Videos and 3D Models
Add videos or 3D models to your product media on the product page.
Product Video Looping
Make your product pages more dynamic by looping your product media video.
Product Details
Display core details like shipping, returns, and payment options to build trust with payment icons and a shipping estimator.
Great for Frequently Asked Questions and additional details, display text accordions that open up to reveal more text.
Information popup
Display size charts, care guides, or any other special product information with a popup link on your product page.
Stock Level Indicator
Increase conversion and quicker purchases with a dynamic indicator bar that alerts customers when quantities are low.
Local Pickup
Let customers know whether the product they want is available at your local store.
Product Reviews Integration
No need to install any code snippets to use Shopify’s Product Reviews app, it looks great out of the box. With on-site reviews, over half of customers are more likely to make a purchase.
Dynamic Checkout Buttons
Let returning customers quickly checkout with their preferred payment method.
Quick Purchase Bar
Let customers quickly buy your product no matter where they are on the product page.
Feature Sections
Display, customize, and rearrange 20+ dynamic sections to maximize your product page.
Recommended Products
Display related or recommended products on your product pages, to keep your customers exploring.

Merchant Support

Whether you're setting up your first store, or updating an existing one, sometimes you need a helping hand. The team at Fluorescent is here to help. Our themes come backed by the designers and developers who created them.

Support Guarantee

We stand by our products and offer support for bug fixes and issues arising from general use. If you’ve discovered a bug, have a feature request or any questions about setup, we’re available by email Monday to Friday, 10AM to 6PM PST. We also maintain a knowledge base that is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your theme. You’ll find descriptions of theme features, settings and the simple step-by-steps instructions that you’ll need to successfully setup your store. Unfortunately, we cannot provide customizations, small tweaks or fix issues arising from use of third-party apps.

Free Updates

All updates to the theme are provided free of charge, but require a manual process that involves migrating your theme settings over to the new version. If you need any help updating, go ahead and contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a short list of frequently asked questions. These questions are usually asked just before a merchant purchases one of our themes. More questions can be viewed on the support site.

Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
Yes, we recommend it! Click Try Theme on Spark's page on Shopify to see if it's a good fit for you and your products. Take the time you need — any theme features that you set up during your trial will be saved when you purchase the theme. Our Support team is here if you have any questions while you make your decision.
Response by Liam Sarsfield, FounderMay 25, 2021
All theme sales are final and Shopify does not offer refunds. This is because once the theme is purchased, you will own the code in its entirety.
Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
A theme purchase comes with free support to help set up any features included in the theme, our theme documentation with instructions, and intermittent free theme updates with bug fixes and new features.
Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
We're happy to provide bug fixes and answers to questions arising from general use of the theme. We cannot provide support for integrations with third party apps or provide customizations or new theme version installations.
Response by Liam Sarsfield, FounderMay 25, 2021
All updates are free! While we cannot help with manually transferring your settings when updating, please get in touch and we can offer some tips on how best to do that.
Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
Let us know what you have in mind! We might have what you're looking for and, if not, we love hearing any feedback or feature requests that we can consider for future updates.
Response by Liam Sarsfield, FounderMay 25, 2021
Spark is designed to be a versatile theme for a wide range of products. The theme works best with single-purchase products and medium-to-large collections. If you have any specific requirements for selling your products, let us know by contacting our Support.
Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
Once you purchase the theme, you will have full access to your code. We highly recommend backing up your theme before making any edits and keeping track of any additions to transfer over for any future theme updates.
Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
While our Support cannot offer code customizations, we can point you to a service that does. Just let us know!
Response by Kyle Wheeler, Support OperationsMay 25, 2021
Because there are thousands of third-party apps on Shopify, we unfortunately cannot test them and guarantee that they're compatible. We recommend reaching out to app developers to offer advice and support.
Response by Liam Sarsfield, FounderMay 25, 2021
Spark comes packaged with 11 theme translations. You can also add as many currencies as you like and the currency switcher is available if you're using the Shopify Payments gateway.

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