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Context Change Log

Latest Release — Version 1.9.1

Released 07/27/2021

  • Fix Fix accordions not initializing on static pages
  • Add translation support to quick cart note

Version 1.9.0

Released 07/20/2021

  • New Add image aspect ratio controls. Effects the following areas:
  • Blog posts dynamic/static sections
  • Collection list dynamic section
  • Feature collection dynamic/static sections
  • Images with text dynamic section
  • Map dynamic section
  • Recommended products static section
  • Recently viewed static section
  • Collection template
  • Collection list template
  • Blogs template
  • New Add accordion shortcodes.
  • New Expand grid shortcodes to work on all pages.
  • Adjust quick cart height on smaller height screens

Version 1.8.3

Released 06/30/2021

  • Fix Fix popup not displaying properly on mobile
  • Add new height controls to Slideshow section & Slideshow parallax section
  • Add multiple swatch support
  • Add new product Lightbox

Version 1.8.2

Released 06/10/2021

  • Fix Fix product tile swatches breaking parent container when too many
  • Fix Fix Featured collection sections breaking out of container on mobile views if heading alignment set to ‘center’.
  • Add YouTube/Vimeo embedded product video looping support
  • Add support for videos with overlays not being accessible if a device is in low power mode
  • Update first slideshow section to account for announcement bar if full height
  • Update quick cart button to continue showing secondary product image on hover
  • Update testimonial sections to not use adaptive height
  • Update style the opt-in subscriptions template

Version 1.8.1

Released 06/09/2021

  • Fix Fix issue that was causing testimonial sections to fail

Version 1.8.0

Released 06/02/2021

  • New Add Shop Pay support

Version 1.7.5

Released 04/19/2021

  • Fix Fix issue with collection filters not working properly while using other languages

Version 1.7.4

Released 03/17/2021

  • Fix Fix typo in cart note placeholder setting

Version 1.7.3

Released 03/01/2021

  • Fix Fix issue with popup not closing when clicking dismiss
  • Fix Fix map section breaking when no api key provided + add validation
  • Update links to point to new documentation

Version 1.7.2

Released 02/11/2021

  • Fix Fix issue with sections scrolling to the wrong location on select within customizer
  • Fix Fix issue with collection top bar showing when empty

Version 1.7.1

Released 02/02/2021

  • Fix Fix issue where a product with a sold out variant could be added to the cart
  • Fix Fix issue causing smart filtering within the sidebar to not filter properly
  • Fix Fix spacing on template view buttons while sidebar was disabled

Version 1.7.0

Released 02/01/2021

  • New Smart collection filtering
  • New Infinite scroll collection loading
  • New Subscription app support
  • Remove jQuery from theme

Version 1.6.1

Released 01/26/2021

  • Fix Fix issue where predictive search results were displaying off screen
  • Fix Fix quick shop highlight colour in mobile views
  • Fix Fix products with single variants not displaying quick shops
  • Update swatches to pull from file_url instead of asset_url

Version 1.6.0

Released 01/18/2021

  • New Add variant popup
  • New Add unit-pricing support
  • New Add surface pickup support

Version 1.5.3

Released 12/22/2020

  • New Add language support for French, Spanish & German
  • New Add function to verifying video urls to sections with background videos
  • New Add fade to sold out products with 1 image
  • Fix Fix default account address checkbox alignment
  • Fix Fix google schema product data
  • Fix Fix translated variants not updating properly when being fetched
  • Fix Fix image w/ text using anchor without link
  • Fix Improve video section to not resize on load
  • Add html wrappers to cart item properties
  • Update placement of search bar within header
  • Improve quick cart max height

Version 1.5.2

Released 08/22/2020

  • Fix Fix bug that caused pagination to display incorrectly

Version 1.5.1

Released 08/06/2020

  • Fix Fixes an issue that caused some products to be displayed as "sold out" when loading the product page

Version 1.5.0

Released 07/29/2020

  • New Add predictive search
  • New Add new mobile menu
  • Update social share image
  • Remove all instances of include and change to render

Version 1.4.1

Released 06/17/2020

Version 1.4.0

Released 06/10/2020

Version 1.3.3

Released 06/10/2020

Note: This specific version wasn't released to the theme store. A partial release excluding d56f425 was sent as a hotfix to resolve the variant issue.

Version 1.3.2

Released 06/03/2020

Version 1.3.1

Released 05/18/2020

Version 1.3.0

Released 05/12/2020

Version 1.2.1

Released 04/30/2020


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