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The basis of our expertise is in our desire to seek out direct relationships with our customers.

Fluorescent is a fully-remote eCommerce software design and development company located in second bedrooms and home offices across Canada.

Early computer engineers at NASA (1957).

Since 2015, Fluorescent has designed and developed software for clients and customers in a variety of contexts. At first, our focus was on providing bespoke Software-as-a-Service consulting. Later, we found our footing with a small offering of Shopify templates that attracted more attention than we’d initially anticipated. Since then, we’ve honed in on the future of digital commerce.

We believe in engaging authentically and transparently with our customers. Our approach has always been to attempt to strip out a lot of the sterile language of traditional customer service. We’re people too, and we don’t mind our customers knowing it. By taking this approach, we’ve turned customers into clients, and clients into friends.

Our products are built in direct collaboration with our customers. Through our enduring interest in how people use our products, we embrace a model of software development that is iterative and gradual. Like high-performance engines or grandma’s cooking, Fluorescent’s products are built through a process of continuous refinement. We participate in a tradition of Canadian design that is thoughtful and understated.

Our company is fully remote. While most of us live on the west coast of Canada, Fluorescent is located in second bedrooms and home offices across Canada. We value autonomy (the ability to set our own working hours and determine what is our highest and best use as individuals), collaboration (what results when everyone has a voice in company decisions), and empathy. We believe that a diverse, inclusive company is a strong one.


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That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to meet you though. If you’d like to work at Fluorescent, we’d love to grab a coffee. Shoot us an email with an introduction and a link to some work.