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Our Support policy

Our Support team is happy to provide bug fixes and answers to questions arising from general use of the theme. We cannot provide support for integrations with third party apps or any problems that might arise from using third party apps.

Issues related to the Shopify admin (such as Product and Collection setup, Shipping and Delivery, Payments, etc) should be directed to Shopify Support who are best suited to assist you.

Our Support does not cover custom development. We recommend consulting a Shopify Expert or Task Husky for any customizations to the default theme.

Using page templates

At first, there is one Default template for every type of page. This means that changes made to a default template will apply to all pages that use that template.

To change the content or style of specific pages, you will need to create a new template and then assign that template to those pages in the Shopify Admin.

Alternatively, you can use Dynamic sources to automatically display the correct content or settings for pages that use the same template.

Demo layouts

Purchased or trial themes include only one default layout (based on the Vogue demo). See our Demo layouts article to add the product page and home page layouts used by the Chic, Craft, and Organic demo stores.

Image recommendations

In general, Stiletto does not have required image dimensions for product or feature images, unless specified in the theme editor. Stiletto will adapt to the orientation or shape of your images, and has tons of image-specifc options to fine-tune their shape, size, and overall look.

Online store speed

The speed and performance of your online store is key to a great shopping experience. We cover everything you need to know about understand speed ranks in our article about Improving your online store speed.

Mega navigation menus

You can follow our step by step instructions here.

Collection filters

To select which filter options to enable on your collection pages, go your Online Store > Navigation settings in your Shopify admin. In the Collection and search filters section, you can add, remove, and reorder your filter options.

When filters are enabled, Stiletto also displays a price slider, color swatches, and product chips for easy navigation. See our article to learn more about Collection filters and sorting.

Variant color swatches

You can display your product variants as a sleek row of clickable color swatches by using Stiletto's 140 default colors or adding your own custom swatch images.

For default colors, use a color name that matches one of the 140 default colors. Simple as that: with swatches enabled, product variants named "Blue" will automatically display the blue color swatch.

For a perfect match, see our Swatches article to learn how to make and add swatch images to your product variants.

Size guides

Use Stiletto's Information popup to link to custom content like size charts, care guides, or any other special product information that will pop up on your product page for customers to learn more.

See our article about how to set up an Information Popup.


Stiletto has three types of Popups: Promotional, Sign Up, and Age Verification. With the alternate Flyout style and extensive design settings, you can create a Popup to serve many different uses and looks to fit what you need.


Stiletto includes two Lookbook templates to create editorial product pages with you images and videos.

Stiletto also offers alternate templates for Collections and Product pages.

Theme version updates

All updates are free. See our theme changelog for the latest bug fixes and new features, then download the new version by going to Stiletto on the Shopify Theme Store while logged in.

For instructions on how to transfer your theme settings and templates when updating, see our theme update article.

Theme feature requests

We actively develop new features for our themes in direct collaboration with our merchants. You can suggest a feature on our Suggestion board and upvote suggestions posted by other merchants. Those that rise to the top or strike us as simply solid ideas will be added to our potential list for future releases.