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3. Design tips for effective branding

This article covers quick tips to improve the overall design of your store and create effective branding with Stiletto.

Here are our top five design tips for setting up your store:

Work with the theme rather than against it

Themes are templates and templates always have certain limitations, but many of these limitations are designed on purpose. Stiletto was built with all the best practices of design and ecommerce in mind, so working with these limitations rather than against them (with endless code tweaks) will guide you to a better outcome.

We recommend taking a look at Stiletto's three Presets. We have a demo store for each Preset, so you can see them in action: Chic and Vogue. Once you've found the preset that best reflects the type of store you want, you can apply it to your theme, then add and subtract elements depending upon what feels right. Remember, in this case, that more is less.

Establish trust through written content

Your product and editorial images will certainly wow your customers, but it's your written content that will establish your credibility and offer a vivid picture of who you are and what you do.

We recommend starting with your product pages. The more you can share about your product by writing about it, the more likely customers will trust both you and what you're selling. Take the time to tell customers the story behind your products and how they're made, and you'll realize the benefits.

Stiletto has some handy ways to organize and share your product information in a concise, professional way. Be sure to see our articles about the Information popup, Collapsible rows, and Swatches to learn how to make the most of them.

Finally, use the Testimonials sections to solidify your credibility and presence. The most effective written content will be from your customers and partners who can speak to why they love your store and your products.

Compose blocks of text like an image

Just like the images on our site, we want the written content to look seamless within the overall design rather than thrown over top at the end. For good looking text content, we want to consider the length, visual shape, and symmetry of our text blocks.

For length, we recommend limiting text blocks to a single paragraph with just a few sentences. We want to avoid overstuffing sections with text so our pages don't look heavy or choppy. If you have more to say, consider linking to a page for customers to read more.

For good visual shape, we recommend creating text blocks that look V-shaped or wider at the top and gradually narrower toward the bottom. You can use Stiletto's Max Width slider to help make that angled shape for your text.

Finally, if a section has multiple text blocks, we want to make them as symmetrical as possible. Aim to have to same length and shape for each text block as far as possible; the same applies for headings, which are best kept short and consistent.

Focus on the details for effective branding

For effective branding, focus in on color and font choices for the highest readability and impact.

Use readable fonts. In general, try to avoid decorative fonts for your site and use large enough font sizes so that customers can read them without any strain. Choosing fonts that pair well can be challenging, so we recommend consulting an expert. Our favourite is Typewolf, which publishes font lookbooks and provides some really excellent recommendations.

Use color contrast. Make sure there's a clear difference between the text or icon colors and the background colors. If they are too similar in brightness or tone, it can be difficult to tell them apart. Good contrast will help create impactful branding and a website that’s widely accessible to people with low-vision or color blindness and anyone shopping on their phone in daylight.

Need photography? Check out Stocksy

Editorial photography can be expensive and time-consuming to produce, and Shopify's native stock photography can be quite limited. This is why we highly recommend checking out Stocksy. Stocksy photography is not free to use, but it's cheap and we often use it in designs for our clients.


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