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Theme comparison

All Fluorescent themes offer their own unique styles, settings, and features so you can find the perfect match for your brand and store.

See the full list of available features below and explore our theme demos to see them in action:

The Header appears at the top of every page. All themes include options to configure header styles, navigation menus, and search, in addition to specialized features.

Currency Selector
Drawer Menu
Icon or Text Links
Language Selector
Links Position
Logo Position
Mega navigation
Two Column Dropdown
Five Column
Five Column w/ Image
Rotating Announcements
Search Bar
Secondary Menu
Social Media Icons
Sticky Header
Transparent Header
Utility Bar


All themes offer a unique set of Sections to design rich promotional content and a great shopping experience for all your pages.

Blog Posts
Collections List
Collections List Grid
Custom Liquid
Featured Collection
Featured Collection Grid
Featured Collection Row
Featured Product
Featured Products
Full Width Image (Hero)
Image with Features
Image with Text
Image with Text Split
Inline Features
Logo List
Mosaic Grid
Mosaic Grid - 2 Column
Mosaic Grid - 3 Column
Questions & Answers (FAQ)
Rich Text
Shoppable Feature
Shoppable Image
Slideshow Split
Social Media Icons
Social Proof
Text Columns with Images
Video Hero

Collection page

Every theme's Collection page has a customizeable grid with advanced filters that makes it easy to discover your products and add them directly to your cart.

Banner Image
Price Range
Hover Add-to-Cart
Image Aspect Ratio
Pagination - Click to Load
Pagination - Infinite
Pagination - Paginated
Products Per Row
Two Column Mobile Option
Secondary Image on Hover
Quick Shop
Sale Badge
Variant Chips
Variant Swatches

Product page

Every theme's Product page includes comprehensive settings and features like Recommend products, Dynamic checkout, and Color swatches. Each theme provides their own unique layout, styles, and additional features.

Border Block
Custom Liquid
Custom Text Field
Dynamic Checkout Button
Dynamic Sources
Information Popup (Size Guide)
Layout - Full Width
Layout - Column
Layout - Grid
Layout - Thumbnail Position
Local Pickup Banner
Product Detail Widgets
Payment Icons
Security Badge
Shipping Estimator
Product Lightbox
Product Image Grid
Product Reviews (Shopify)
Product Review Stars (Shopify)
Quick Purchase Bar
Recently Viewed Products
Recommended Products
Recently Viewed Products
Social Sharing Buttons
Sticky Sidebar
Stock Level Indicator
Text Block
Text with Image Feature
Text with Video Feature
Variant Chips
Variant Swatches


All themes provide Templates for every default page type and supports multiple templates for products, collections, pages, and blogs. Some themes have additional specially-designed templates:

About - Comprehensive
Product - Alternate
Product - Comprehensive

Image settings

All themes include advanced Image settings that give you control over the size, shape, focus, and style of your images. These settings are available on either most or select sections and pages.

Aspect Ratio
Color Overlay
Corner Radius
Custom Height
Custom Width
Focal Point
Gradient Overlay
Image Shape (Square/Round)
Mobile-specific Image


All themes provide settings for the Cart with some offering additional features.

Automatic Cart Updates
Cart Notes
Cart Type - Drawer
Cart Type - Minicart
Customizeable Sections
Hover Add-to-Cart
Quick Shop
Recently Viewed Products

Every theme includes a customizable Popup that automatically displays a newsletter signup to keep customers engaged.

Newsletter Popup

The Footer appears at the bottom of every page. All themes offer features to help customers continue shopping, learn more about your store, and keep in touch.

Content Blocks - Text
Content Blocks - Links
Content Blocks - Newsletter
Currency Selector
Lanugage Selector
Newsletter Block
Payment Icons
Social Icons


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