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Featured product

The Featured product section lets you display a product page in single block anywhere on your site so customers can get a full overview of your product and quickly add it to their cart.

Featured product section on the home page
Featured product section on the home page

Note: Any changes made to sections will apply to every page that uses the same template. To make changes to specific pages, learn how to create and assign multiple templates.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Select a Template to edit from the dropdown menu in the top bar.

  2. In the side panel, click +Add section and select Featured product.

  3. Use the drag and drop handles ⋮⋮ to change the order of your sections.

  4. Click on the Featured product section to open the section settings.

  5. Use the Select Product button to choose from your store's list of products.

  6. (Optional.) If you have added a video to your Product media, choose whether to Enable video looping so they play continuously after being started.

  7. (Optional.) Enable the Alternate section color.

    See Spark's Color settings guide to learn how to create a secondary color scheme with alternate section colors.


Accordions are collapsible dropdown tabs for your product details and additional information. They're a great way to highlight key aspects and information about your products and store in a sleek and organized way.

Accordion dropdowns on product page
Accordion dropdowns on product page


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Select the Products template you wish to edit.

  2. Click + Add block and select Accordion from the Theme Blocks list.

    Add block button
    Add block button
  3. Click on the new Accordion block to open the block settings.

    Accordion block settings
    Accordion block settings
  4. Choose to display the accordion in the Left or Right Column.

    The Left column sits below your product media. The Right column sits below your product form.

  5. Set the Style of the accordion to be Open or Closed when customers first visit your product page.

  6. Change the Accordion heading text to display as the title.

    We recommend a heading that clearly labels the content.

  7. Add Text that will display when this accordion is open.

    Use the formatting buttons to add bold, italic, or linked text.

  8. (Optional.) Click and hold the drag handles ⋮⋮ to rearrange the blocks:

    Click Remove block in the block settings to delete a block.

    Click the Eye icon to hide or unhide a block.

  9. Click Save.

See Spark's Product details widgets to add specialized accordions for Shipping, Payment, Security, or other details with features like payment icons and a shipping estimator that can help build trust with your customers.

Variant Swatches

Spark can display your product variants as a sleek row of clickable color Swatches. You can also choose to show swatches on product cards across your site whenever a customer hovers over them.

Product swatches
Product swatches

Set up variant swatches

See our full Swatches article to learn how to use Spark's 140 default swatch colors or upload your own custom swatch images, as well as enable the option to display swatches on hover across your site.

Variant Chips

Chips are square clickable buttons that you can use to replace the default variant dropdown menu. It's a great way to have all your variant in plain view and easily selected.

Product chips used for variant sizes
Product chips used for variant sizes


In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Go to your Theme settings and select the Product section.

    Product overview Theme settings
    Product overview Theme settings
  2. Change the Variant option for chips name to match the Product option that you want to display variant chips for.

    You can add chips to multiple Product options. Use a list separated by commas, for example: "Size, Material, Fabric".

  3. Click Save.

Information popup

The Information popup displays extra information about your product options. Customers can click on a link next to your to your product variants to open up a popup size guide, chart, or other details about your product variants.

Product information popup with a size guide
Product information popup with a size guide

Set up information popup

See our full Information popup article to learn how to use 140 default swatch colors or upload your own custom swatch images.

Dynamic Checkout Button

The Dynamic checkout button lets customers quickly purchase your product with their preferred payment method. This button automatically displays one of your supported payment methods based on your customers' browser, device, and personal payment history.

Set up dynamic checkout button

To enable this option, click on the Buy buttons block to access its settings and check the Show dynamic checkout buttons checkbox.

Dynamic checkout button settings
Dynamic checkout button settings

See Shopify's Dynamic checkout buttons documentation for more details.

Click on the Featured product section to find the following settings:

Configuration Settings


Use the Select product button to search and add a product to feature.

Video looping

Check the Enable video looping option to play your product video continuously after it has been started.

Alternate section color

Apply the alternate section colors as chosen in your Theme Settings.

See Spark's Color settings guide to learn how to create a secondary color scheme with alternate section colors.

The Featured product section includes the following blocks and block settings:

Configuration Settings


The title of your product.


The price of your product, including the sale or compared price.


The SKU number used to track the inventory of your products.


The Vendor (or Seller) of the product as added in your Shopify Admin.


The product's description.


A single border line that can be used to visually separate your product blocks.

Quantity Selector

A quantity selector that lets customers add more than one product to the cart.

Check the Show labels checkbox to display the option names as titles for your variants (for example, Size or Material).

Variant selectors

This block displays any variant options for the product.

See Spark's Information popup, Variant swatches, and Variant chips.

Buy Buttons

This block displays the "Add to cart" button with local pickup information below.

It can also show any dynamic checkout buttons.


Add several collapsible tabs (Accordions) with a title and text content.


Add additional information with a block of text.


Display social media icons that let customers share the product on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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