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General Topics

Fluorescent Support policy

Our Support team is happy to provide bug fixes and answers to questions arising from general use of the theme. We cannot provide support for integrations with third party apps or any problems that might arise from using third party apps.

Issues related to the Shopify admin (such as Product and Collection setup, Shipping and Delivery, Payments, etc) should be directed to Shopify Support who are best suited to assist you.

Our Support does not cover custom development. We recommend consulting a Shopify Expert or Task Husky for any customizations to the default theme.

Support collaborator requests

Our support team may need to access your storefront's Shopify admin to assist you. To do so, our team will send a Collaborator request. See our Collaborator requests article to learn about accepting, reviewing, and removing access requests.

Image guide

The best images for the web are those that balance looking good and loading fast on any screen. In our Image guide and recommendations article, learn about best practices for taking and editing web-ready photos, selecting the best image size, and deciding which file formats to use.

You'll also find image recommendations for Spark sections and an overview of Spark's advanced image settings for fine-tuning the size, position, and style of your images.

Improve online store speed

The speed and performance of your online store is key to a great shopping experience. We cover everything you need to know about understand speed ranks in our article about Improving your online store speed.

Sell in multiple languages

You can set up multiple languages in your Shopify admin and add translations with a translation app.

Spark includes a language selector and 11 pre-packaged translations for theme elements.

See our Selling in multiple languages article to learn how to translate your store content.

Web accessibility for themes

Fluorescent themes aim to meet the highest standards of web accessibility, outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our themes and Shopify support these guidelines, and we continue to update our themes to meet these standards as they evolve.

See our Web accessibility for themes article to learn about following accessibility guidelines when customizing your store.

Update theme version

All updates are free. See our theme changelog for the latest bug fixes and new features, then download the new version by going to Spark on the Shopify Theme Store while logged in.

For instructions on how to transfer your theme settings and templates when updating, see our theme update article.

Request theme features

We actively develop new features for our themes in direct collaboration with our merchants. You can suggest a feature on our Suggestion board and upvote suggestions posted by other merchants. Those that rise to the top or strike us as simply solid ideas will be added to our potential list for future releases.

Upgrade to OS2 from Spark 1.0

If you have a "vintage" version of Spark (v1.0), learn about upgrading to OS2 and whether it's right for your store.

Advanced: Custom fonts

If you're familiar with HTML and CSS, you can use code to add custom fonts not available in the Shopify Font picker. See our articles Custom fonts to learn more.

Note: We do not support code customizations. This guide is offered only as a basic reference for advanced users. For assistance, we recommend finding a professional developer through Shopify Experts or Task Husky.