We've recently relaunched all three of our themes. Watch the launch video here.

Spark Change Log

Latest Release — Version 1.2.0

Released 07/20/2021

  • New Add translation support for the following languages:
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese (BR)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Version 1.1.1

Released 06/30/2021

  • Add multiple swatch support

Version 1.1.0

Released 06/21/2021

  • New Add optional chip and swatch preview to collection pages
  • New Add currency flags
  • Fix Fix missing translation string within password template title
  • Fix Fix popup newsletter button breaking to two lines.
  • Update documentation links to point to Spark docs

Version 1.0.3

Released 06/10/2021

  • Add support for videos with overlays not being accessible if a device is in low power mode
  • Remove spacing after last inline-menu menu item

Version 1.0.2

Released 06/07/2021

  • Fix Make product form select icons clickable
  • Purge unused translation strings

Version 1.0.1

Released 05/26/2021

  • Fix Fix issue with newsletter button breaking into 2 lines

Version 1.0.0

Released 05/25/2021

The official launch and first release of Spark by Fluorescent


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