We've recently relaunched all three of our themes. Watch the launch video here.

Spark Change Log

Latest Release — Version 2.2.2

Released 10/21/2021

  • Fix Password layout not pull in javascript properly
  • Fix Carousels not selecting properly on blockSelect
  • Fix Announcement bar gradient overlay Safari issue
  • Fix Announcement bar not centering properly
  • Fix Header logo center layout centering submenu text
  • Fix Featured collection row - Text max width not applying properly
  • Adjust Text max width values for Testimonials section
  • Add center alignment option for Testimonials section

Version 2.2.1

Released 10/18/2021

  • Fix Fix issue where Slideshow was not staying on the correct slide while editing in the customizer
  • Fix Fix issue where Shipping estimator was breaking if a store had no active shipping rates
  • Add all translation strings for Stock level indicator
  • Make all default Video hero sections into Slideshow sections within templates
  • Alphabetize translation schema

Version 2.2.0

Released 10/07/2021

  • New Add Mosaic grid section
  • New Add Lookbook page template
  • New Add focal point setting to Slideshow section images
  • New Expose custom events to key theme events
  • Fix Fix icon position within dropdown selects
  • Fix Fix margin spacing within Rich text sections
  • Move product card hover options to theme settings
  • Adjust product text-block font size from small to normal

Version 2.1.0

Released 09/23/2021

  • New Add Stock Level Indicator to product templates and featured product sections
  • New Add option to disable sticky header
  • New Add color settings for product sales/soldout badges
  • New Add page width settings for pages and articles
  • Fix Fix announcement bar breaking if no announcement blocks exist
  • Fix Fix issue where lightboxes were not appearing when product images were clicked
  • Update names of alternate "high-trust" and "longform" templates to "comprehensive"

Version 2.0.1

Released 09/21/2021

  • Fix Fix issue with quick search text highlighting breaking in Safari
  • Fix Fix caption formatting in Social proof section

Version 2.0.0

Released 09/21/2021

The official launch and first release of Spark OS2 by Fluorescent


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