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Announcement bar

The announcement bar sits at the top of every page and rotates up to 3 custom messages with optional links. It's great for promoting sales or need-to-know updates.

Announcement bar cycling through multiple announcements

Set up the announcement bar

The Announcement bar is a static section that appears at the top of every template across your site.

  1. From your theme editor (Customize), select the Announcement bar section.

    This opens the Announcement bar settings.

  2. Choose the Time between announcements using the slider.

    The time is expressed in seconds. Setting the slider to 5 will display each announcement for 5 seconds before rotating to the next one..

Add announcements

You can add up to 3 announcements with their own link to another page.

  1. Select the arrow beside the Announcement bar section.

    Announcement bar content
  2. Click + Add announcement

    You can add up to 3 announcements.

  3. Add Announcement text.

    We recommend announcements be less than 10 words.

  4. (Optional.) Paste or select a link using the Announcement Link field.

  5. (Optional.) Change the Background and Text color of the announcment.

  6. Remember to click Save in the top-right corner.

Announcement bar settings

The announcement bar has the following settings:

Configuration Settings

Time between announcements

Choose how long (in seconds) an announcement should be shown.

Announcement settings

Each announcement has the following settings:

Configuration Settings

Announcement text

Add text to be displayed to customers.

We recommend using between 4 and 8 words.

Announcement link

Select a page or link that this announcement links to.

Background color

Choose the color of the announcement bar for this announcement.

Text color

Choose the text color for this announcement.


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