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Use the Map section to promote your brick-and-mortar retail stores. This section is designed specifically for your address information and store hours.

Map section
Map section

At the bottom of the map section's image, you can create a link to another page, perfect for linking to Google Maps with directions to your store.

Add a map section

The Map section can be added to any template (except the Checkout). To learn more about Sections and Templates, see Shopify's OS2 Theme Editor manual.

  1. In your theme editor (Customize), select the Template you wish to edit from the dropdown menu in the top bar.

    Drop-down menu of page templates
    Drop-down menu of page templates
  2. Click + Add section and select Map from the Theme Sections list.

    Add section button
    Add section button
  3. (Optional.) Click and hold the ⋮⋮ drag icon to change the order of your sections:

    Shopify section drag handles
    Shopify section drag handles
  4. Click on the title block to change the Heading text for the section.

  5. Click on the Store info block to add your address and opening hours.

Configure your map

To add a Google Map, you will need to

  1. Click on the Map section.

    This opens the Map section settings.

  2. (Optional.) Add an Image for the map section.

    This image will display as a fallback image if the map does not load.

  3. The next fields (Map address, Google Maps API key, and Custom map JSON) require some additional set up.

    To learn more, see: Get a Google Maps API key

  4. Return to the list of sections to find your new Map section.

    Use the drag handles to rearrange the order of you Home page sections:

    Shopify section drag handles
    Shopify section drag handles
  5. Remember to click Save in the top-right corner.

Map settings

The Map section has the following settings:

Configuration Settings


Add heading text for the section.

We recommend a title of just a few words long.

Store information

Add your store information, like your address and hours.

This field accepts rich text elements and multiple lines of text.


Select or upload an image to be displayed.

Map address

Add a street address that Google Maps can use to find your store.

Google Maps API key

Add your Google Maps API key. You can generate one using the directions here.

Custom map JSON

You can paste JSON configuration in this field to change the look and feel of your map. Learn more

You can find some map presets using Google's Google Maps Platform Styling Wizard website.

Add link text for the map link generated by Google Maps.

Get a Google Maps API key

Here's what you need to do to get a Google Maps API key:

  1. Sign up for Google Maps Platform. (Link.)

  2. Select the Maps product.

    Google Maps Platform setup step
    Google Maps Platform setup step
  3. Create a project for your Shopify store.

  4. Enter your billing information.

    Unless you get more than 500,000 views per month, you will not be charged for map API requests. They will all be paid for with the recurring $200 credit Google gives its Cloud Platform users each month.

After this process, you are granted a Google Maps API key, which you can copy into Context's map section Google Maps API Key field:

Google Maps API Key popup
Google Maps API Key popup

The API key should be a large jumbled string of characters, like this: AIzaSyCuv0hqbs8Itd_UvRQ0gAkwe5OxkYw_q08.

We recommend that you restrict your API key so it can only be used on requests to your store's URL (like You can restrict to multiple URLs if you also want to add your address for testing purposes.

The following video shows you how to do this from the Google Cloud Platform Google Maps dashboard here:

Restricting the Google Maps API key to be used by your domain

If you lost your API key, you can find it again (or regenerate it) from the Google Cloud Platform API Credentials page.

Custom map JSON

Using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a form of JavaScript code used to send structured information and configuration, you can change the look and feel of your map.

Using the Google Maps Platform Styling Wizard website, you can choose different map themes or tweak map settings.

Check out the following video for more information:

Using the Google Maps Styling Wizard

Once you have copied the JSON to your clipboard, you can paste it into Context's Custom map JSON setting.


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